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The German Butterfly was created in 2003 after 3 pilots, the "German Airwings", decided to found their own airline. grĂ¼nden.

These were Joerg Bieber, Georg Lepp and Eckart Kerschbaum.

The tasks were divided among these people as follows:

  • Painting:
  • Joerg Bieber

  • Flight plans and maintenance:
  • Georg Lepp

  • Web design and programming:
  • Eckart Kerschbaum

  • Registered member of IVAO since October 2018

  • 1. Januar 2019 neue Webseite geht an den Start

  • November 1st, 2020 new website 2.0 goes online

  • Contact

    The following people are available to answer your questions about the German Butterfly.

    Web design,, Paintings:

    Eckart Kerschbaum E-Mail

    Flight plans, fleet:

    Eckart Kerschbaum


    Matthias Nuernberger

    Our fleet currently consists of 40 Aircraft/strong>
    We also have 20 pilots who can access 2481 lines and flight plans. If that is not enough, we fly at FSAirliens and have generated 91 flight plans there. If you feel like it and fly for an online network, and fly a tour there, you can create this flight yourself in our office under Event. So all ways are open to you to fly a flight.


    this is just a small overview of our route network.

    Pilot of the month Dezember 2022
  • PilotenID........: 1009
  • Name..............: Kemmer
  • Vorname.........: Uwe
  • Number of flights ......: 34
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